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141215 At ODAIBA, Tokyo

The Korean duo, “TOHOSHINKI” attended an event at ODAIBA SEASIDE PARK to celebrate the release of their new album “WITH”. They appeared from a water bus, “HOTALUNA” being illunimated by red lights (the red color is the symbol color of TOHOSHINKI) on the night of Dec 16th only.

YH: This is so picturelesque. Wow, this is amazing!
CM: Is that Rainbow bridge?
YH: Yes, I think so.
YH: I am very satisfied. Well.. our new album will be finally released.

On the deck
YH: well, all (glanced at CM who was sipping something sweet) Strawberry??
CM: Mmmmm.. I think women will love this.
YH: Perhaps
YH: This is Hotaru… Hotaru..
YH: HOTALUNA WITH RED (YH pointed his finger at CM’s drink)
YH: and this is WITH LOVE
YH: WITH LOVE, it's the title of TOHOSHINKI’s song, is not it? That is it.
CM nodded and gave his thumb up. CM grabbed the tall red drink
CM: Spinning
YH: This is spinning
CM: This straw looks like spinning.. oh, is this not a straw?
(it looked like a candy cane)
CM: it's a straw
YH: This time, they prepared these yummies as new items in the menu for us to celebrate our new album, “WITH”
CM: wow
CM: They are only available for one day.
YH: Great!
YH: But this is a bit too sour >< AHAHAHA This is the one-day limited premium cruise, TOHOSHINKI with HOTALUNA. We let the two of you experience this cruise first (before anyone does). Yunho-san, how was it?
YH: Yes, truly.. it has been a while since I was on a cruise ship last time. I felt great. They made this very special for TOHOSHINKI.. we could be on the special cruise for TOHOSHINKI. I am very grateful to that.. I feel great thank you!

Q: Changmin-san? How was it?
CM: I knew that Odaiba is a great place to see beautiful night scenes. But tonight, we were able to see the Raibow Bridge from the water level, not like from its top, nor like walking on it.. and I felt strongly that the night scenery here is so cool and very beautiful. I thought about how do those people feel when they have a date at the place like this..How happy they could be..

Q: The night scenery from the deck of HOTALUNA is a bit different, is not it Yunho-san?
YH: Yes, it was. It was as if we were watching a beautiful picture. There were something shining/glittering… well, I was watching them by myself in private..but I thought that it would be so much better if I watched the scenery with another person or a couple of more people together. it was so beautiful.

Q: Inside of the ship, people can enjoy your MVs and also can try special drinks that are inspired by your songs, can’t they?
CM: Yes, I did try the items on the menu. I think our fans would enjoy them very much. They were yummy.

Q: Were they tasty/yummy?
CM & YH: Yes & Yes

Q: Yunho-san, were they yummy (for you too)?
YH: Yes, they were yummy. I think I ate a bit too much ^^
Oh you ate a bit too much ^^

Q: What kind of album is the new album “WITH”?
YH: "WITH" means literaly together. And memories and things like that TOHOSHINKI have had cherished for 10 years.. we sing songs that everyone loves a lot..and also I think we tried to express our bonds with our fans all through this album. And this is not only the love of each other but also truly a bigger scale love that we wish to share not only with you guys here but also many other people out there, we wanted to convey such our feelings clearly to everyone.. so it would be great if you can listen to the album.
CM: Yes, love is not just between lovers. There are family love, friendly love, and many other kind of love. Just like what Yunho just said, we, TOHOSHINKI, want to give a bigger love to our fans. "WITH" Together.. And also together "WITH" our fans, we want to share such love with you all. Such a message from the two of us is included in this album.

Q: The MV of SPINNING is pretty sexy, is not it?
YH: I feel embarrassed to say that its sexy… and I cannot say that..really. But until now we were able to show clearly the powerful color/side of us to you all, but this time, we wanted to show a bit casual/rough dance to you all. So we included a lot of ad-ribbed choreography and I anticipate that, because of that, we should be able to show the new side of us.
CM: Together with the college students who are actually in a marching band, we collaborated a little with them.. and it was really a short segment but we have not done anything like that before .. and it was the brand new shot for TOHOSHINKI, I was so thrilled while filming the shot.. and thought that unexpectedly, we looked fairly cool.

Q: Can you share us your thoughts behind “CHANDELIER”?
CM: It is so nice to have a place to return to.. I wanted to express my feeling of gratitude to someone who are waiting.. waiting (for us). I wanted to give a message to the person who will be waiting (for us) I thought about the person. I imagine the person. It is our fans who are always waiting for us, TOHOSHINKI. I wanted to convey such feelings to our fans. I sang the song while imaging that I convey those feelings to our fans.
YH: The word. “Tadaima (Welcome home!)” I think even time passes, is not it great that you have someone that will be waiting for you? I wanted to convey such feelings all .. our feelings into this song. So it will be great if you all listen to it.

Q: What about the MV (of CHANDELIER)?
CM: Well…it may be only a couple of seconds long, but it included scenes where we shed tears. We did a bit of acting with expressing the feelings behind the lyrics and trying to convey the message of the song. I think it was something pure.. I think that we were able to express the meaning of the lyrics through our facial expressions/body languages. I am a bit embarrassed to say something like this.. but we were able to do that and I think we did great.

Q: The FIVE DOME TOUR will kick off in February?
CM: Domes are really huge.. but even they are huge, we wish to convey the meanings of the lyrics of our songs and also our feelings. Hmmm. Even we may be physically distant from some may be difficult.. But I wish the size of the Dome and the distance between us will be reduced by our songs and performance. Together, WITH, at the live venue, we, TOHOSHINKI can live Togethe, WITH our fans. We will do our best in order to live together and share our feelings with everyone at the tour.

Q: How was the year 2014 to you?
YH: Well, it has passed in a blink of my eyes. We had live tours and I had some solo activity.. we are right now on a tour in Asia.. Truly…We had many opportunities where we share our feelings with our fans.. so I had fun/a great time.

Q: How about you, Changmin-san?
CM: I am not totally (100%) satisfied.. because I am a human and am a bit greedy/I expect more.. but I think I was able to do many things in my wish list this year. So I think this year was pretty good for me.

Q: What is your plan for this Christmas?/ How are you going to spend your Christmas, this year?
YH: Christmas is… until last one, how can I say this..I thought that if I could... well I wanted to spend time with someone important for me outside.. but this year.. on contrary.. starting this year.. I want to stay home.. spend really good time home.. somehow I started to feel like that. At home, we prepare things does not need to be lively/merry but just the two of us.. to make good memories. I am thinking something like that. HAHAHA

Q: Is this a Christmas for the two of you, TOHOSHINKI?
YH: Ahhh. how will it be, Changmin? HAHAHA
CM: I want to take a little rest at my place/home.

Q: Just yourself? To get some rest?
CM: These days, we did a lot of live performance and promotions…
YH: Yes
CM: I think Christmas is something like .. for the people all around the world, it is a memorable day... but for me it is just a resting day.

Q: Please PR your new album.
YH: Overall, it includes genre featuring nostalgic songs and contains a lot of easy listening songs. Please listen to it. And~
CM: Yes. And the HOTALUNA cruise behind us, you can have something yummy to eat and drink. You can watch MV so you all who support TVXQ will sure enjoy this a lot. So please come and get on this ship!

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