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YH&CM Hello Everyone who are watching HMV, We are TOHOSHINKI

Re: The New Album “WITH” will be released on Dec 17, 2014
YH: About the title, "WITH", Well.. it's not just about that we love each other but also a love in a bigger scale..and be together.. the title should includes everything.. We wanted to convey our thoughts about love, "Be united" with our fans.. and so we chose the title.

Re: Recording the album
CM: Through music featured in the album, "WITH", we wanted to convey our message to our fans that TOHOSHINKI and our fan can be united, be together. We wished the songs in this album make us TOHOSHINKI connect to our fans.
YH: Yes we did.
CM: We did recording while keeping these hopes in our hearts.

Re: Favorite Songs in "WITH"
YH: In this album… well I have a lot of favorite songs.. so it's difficult to pick one. I guess, "WITH LOVE".
CM: wwww "WITH LOVE", it is.
YH: Well, "WITH LOVE" is about a larger scale love.. I really want everyone to listen to it. It is a heartwarming song. The song also conveys a very important message/meaning, I believe.. So I highly recommend this song to everyone.
CM: Well, ahh, it's really hard to pick just one song and I regret to pick just one. But if I have to pick one, then I like, "BELIEVE IN U".
YH:Hmmm, it's really a good song.
CM: It's relatively speaking.. an easy listening song. Also, well… well.. I think the song convey a message from TOHOSHINKI.. such that people who listened to this song will feel encouraged and also feel comforted (padded on their shoulders).. something like that. Therefore I hope many people listen to it.

YH: Well..I think "SPINNING".. well I think we have shown you a lot of performances up to now.. but this is the first time that we danced together with the marching band.. and I think we look really cool!
CM: Yes, indeed.
CM: Well, something like that. We did something that we have never done before. Well, it might be a bit too short but I think we did some unique performance. About "CHANDELIER" PV, it was in outdoor and we shot the PV outside.. and it includes scenes that we sang the song in nature.. also, we put our souls into the song.. we became a bit emotional and we found ourselves crying a little..
YH: Well.. we really wanted to get into the song.. and we sang.. oh well. Yes, Please watch the PV.
CM: Please watch it.

YH: Ah- and again.. this upcoming live tour.. Five Big Dome..
CM: Five Big Dome Live Tour✌
YH: Yes, it is.. it will start soon. Well, this is the second time… oh, but the first one was of course great.. but back then we were a bit nervous.. so this second time tour will be further more.. The new album is really great and I think we can enjoy with you all.. of course we can do that.. but I think we can go beyond that.. and I think we can touch your soul this time.
CM: Yes you are right!
CM: Lets do our best!
YH: (shy laugh) Yes, we shall do our best. Yes, everyone. We should make very special memories together through this tour.

RE: Message to fans
CM: There are not many days till the end of the year 2014. Yes, therefore, even there are not many days left, I want you to enjoy the remaining days the best to make the year2014 a good one. It is winter now and it is cold. Actually I caught a cold .. so I want you to take care of yourselves so that you do not catch a cold. But the best way for not catching a cold is.. well this may sound ridiculous.. but I think if you listen to the TOHOSHINKI album, you won't catch a cold. I know it sounds ridiculous..
YH: I think you are right. I think you should listen to it when you feel lonely.
CM: I always feel longly although I sang those songs..But please listen to it as many time as possible.
YH&CM: Okay, then. This is from TOHOSHINKI.


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