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[Видео] MAX of TVXQ! accepted ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Нe nominated Kim Minjong, KangTa & Kang Ho Dong

Trans Changmin doing the ice bucket challenge by mug_ping

[Trans] Changmin doing the ice bucket challenge Hellо, this is TVXQ's Max Changmin. Not for other things, but the reason why I am here sending greetings to everybody in this way is because baseball player Lee Dae Ho hyung nim, CN Blue's Jonghyun ssi, SHINee's Taemin ssi and Secret's Song Ji Eun ssi nominated me as the next candidate to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, so I am sending my greetings to everybody in this way. First and foremost, I am really grateful to be able to take part in such an event with extremely good objectives. In addition, through my participation, with a mindset to lend effort together such that I can provide even more assiatance and make many people be aware o.Lou Gehrig disease, I also want to take part in this event in a meaningful and thankful manner. So then, I will also let the ice be poured over me immediately. Yes, thank you very much. Next, I should have to nominate 3 people. Many people's oppa forever, Kim Min Jong hyung nim and our direct big senior Kang Ta hyung nim, personally for me, it would be great if these two people gather together and take their video. The last person, I will decide it as Kang Ho Dong hyung nim whom I respect tremendously. Once again, it would be great if everybody provises a lot of support and interest. Fighting!

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2014-08-22 в 17:43 

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