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Телефонный разговор с Чан Мином


перевод на английский by @mug_ping
[trans] Changmin on 140408 Cool Kidz Broadcast

[Talking about how Changmin is the emotional maknae of the show and highlight cuts of Changmin's tears appear]

Lee Byung Jin: I was looking at him from far away and I thought that blood was coming out of his eyes (due to the redness).


LBJ: I thought those were blood tears.

Alex: they weren't dark circles, but red circles (around Changmin's eyes). Blood tears.. whoa...

Chansung: For me, if I cried, it would seem like a situation whereby "What did you do well to be crying now"


John Park: I know that kind of feeling.

Chansung: in my heart, I was crying a lot, but I just couldn't bring myself to follow how my heart felt and cry. (because if I cried), it seems like I would hear comments like "what did you do well to be crying"

Kang Ho Dong: if he were to cry, it should have been a situation whereby it's like 8 or 9 points (against 11 points) where it's a narrow margin of loss

Chansung: yes, it should have to be to that extent (if I were to cry)... like the pity at losing... there should have been stuff like that for me to be crying hard...

Lee Byung Jin: when you are going to cry, you will be having this thought, "Would it be ok for me to cry?"

LBJ: I really miss Changminnie.

-phone call with Changmin-

KHD: Changmin ah~

Changmin: euhahahahhahahahahaha! Hello?

KHD: Changmin, are you getting on well?

Changmin: yes hyung, hello, this is Changmin.

KHD: Changmin, where are you abroad now?

Changmin: Me, I'm in Japan, Tokyo now.

-captions: Changmin, who is in the midst of carrying out his Japan schedule-

KHD: this is the 1st anniversary special edition of Cool Kidz, and everybody is gathered here.

Changmin: yes, I heard about it, I should have been there too

KHD: we are talking about "tears"...

Changmin: euahahahahahahahhaha

KHD: Changmin ah, actually you are Cool Kidz's "Tears and Defeat" icon, aren't you?

Changmin: with my tears, I play the role of the pioneer in the aspect of "tears" on Cool Kidz, wasn't I?

KHD: everybody said that they thought your tears were blood...

Changmin: eueueueuhehehehe... 1 year has passed, do you guys really have to talk about that again?

KHD: yeah, your highlight cuts are playing now..

Changmin: euhahahahahahahahahahha

KHD: while having our reunion, we are also talking about you now...

Changmin: yes, Ho Dong hyung fighting, Cool Kidz fighting!!!

KHD: Changmin fighting, thank you!

Changmin: thank you!

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