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[TVXQ! Debut 11th Anniversary Message]

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141226 From Star: “This is TVXQ’s 11th anniversary since debut”

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Yunho’s message:
“It has reached 11 years.”
Such long expanse of good memories~
Many thoughts.. are flashing past just like a film… I am really so thankful… In addition, sprinting towards “new places” makes my heart thump.. Thank you everybody for always making my heart pound.. In the future too… Let’s step out towards even more suave places!”

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Changmin’s message:
“It has already been 11 years since we made our debut >_< Thank you, (the depth of my gratitude is) as much as the extent that I am bitter about the fact that I can’t do anything else other than saying the words “thank you”. Please show us a lot of support in the future too~ ^^”



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[Видео] TVXQ! Debut 11th Anniversary Message

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TVXQ: Hello. This is TVXQ.
Yunho: Together with fans, TVXQ has finally reached our 11th anniversary.
Changmin: Yes. (Holds up '11' with fingers and claps arm)
Yunho: December 26
Changmin: Yes. 2014. Like this, (we) reached our 11th anniversary. Thank you to fans from the bottom of our hearts once more.
Yunho: Even though it’s our 11th anniversary, (Changmin: yes) in the future too, we’ll show everyone the better, and the continuously hardworking sides of us.
TVXQ: Until now, it has been TVXQ. Thank you.

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